My Heart Beat Pt1

Hush baby, what’s the matter? What is wrong? Instead I scream, I shout, I lashed out again and I am so sorry, for I know I am wrong.

Hush baby, tell mummy what happened? Yet again, I’m so tired, my head is in a mess and now you’re trembling through thin skin.

Hush baby, I’m so sorry did that hurt? You barely trust me now, for you know how I will react and hide behind my skirt in my closet where I hang.

Hush baby, do you need a plaster for that? Barely able to look up at me through those gaping brown eyes, tear filled pupils and quivering top lip half cocked. “Let me just nod yes to shut her up, hide and go seek I play through my cuts”.

Hush baby, don’t you need me to help? By now you are scared of me and no longer need or even want my smell. Mummy knows baby, yes she does, and it is frightening how I know so very well.

Hush baby, why are you so quiet? Tell Mummy how you feel? “Are you really my mummy? For I no longer recognize that soft tone you’re using. Where has it been? I feel like I am caged in, though am not locked in a cell”.

Hush baby, Mummy will make it all better somehow. “I cannot even fathom whether that line has any bottle, as it leaks just like weathered spilt milk as you sing it over my rattle.”

Hush baby, I am trying but it is so cold. I never wanted to do this on my very own. If I could, I promise I would, for that extra blanket might of done us the world of good. Although its comfort is tainted and cloak standing free, I am screaming through its absence though I know it is only me you see…

To Be Continued…

Written by: Y. JT Blake © Registered & Protected

Help support, uplift & guide Single Parents where you can, as emotional and mental breakdowns are number one causes of depression & low self esteem alongside domestic violence. Which in turn breeds frustrated individuals who then lash out on the closest to them, more often children but spouses and partners are also affected.

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"I keep it real whilst moving forward towards Higher Heights ♥☺. A Lover of all positive influences & all life’s struggles of which push me to fight for betterment within ones self and surroundings" Y.Blake ©
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17 Responses to Frustration…

  1. poemblaze says:

    Tapping into universal emotions here.

  2. brian says:

    nice…you definitely stir the emotions well with this one…look forward to your conituation…

    • whYBnews says:

      Thank You Mr Brian, glad you stopped by and I look forward to sharing Pt2 with you all. (Why not subscribe & be one of the first to be notified about Pt2). Take Care, Bless ;0)

  3. jtwhitaker says:

    perhaps your best post to date.

    way. to. go.

    keep it up.


  4. Tony Single says:

    This was painful to read. It’s an all too real issue you’ve essayed here with words that hint at the fundamental betrayal of trust that familial violence represents. You got me in the gut in a good and profound way.

    • whYBnews says:

      Well, it is always a topic of which most shy away from. However, I made a vow to myself when starting this particular blog and that was to be as honest as my heart and thoughts are feeling at all times.

      I am glad you came by and even happier to see so many others, it is the harsh reality of life. So let us try each day, starting off with something small of which could help prevent further occurrences. 😉 Bless

  5. tolbert says:

    I started this expecting a light-hearted read but when I was about four words into it I knew it was one from the heart and was far from superficial.

    Thanks so much for sharing…

    • whYBnews says:

      You are most welcome & Thank You for stopping by. I must say, I am so jubilant at all you guys responses and the fact that you have taken a minute to comment. Thank You all and I will continue writing towards growth and progression 😉

  6. The dialogue was interesting…waiting for the end.


  7. Steve Isaak says:

    I suspect you’re trying for an intense build-up ‘blanket of horror’ effect, but short, sharp and cutting – as in massive cuts – would make for an even more excellent ‘alternate’ version.

    And, if manuscripting this ‘gentle disciplining’-centric work, juxtaposition the two in consecutive pages. A doubly-horrific parenting effect.

    • whYBnews says:

      Wow, you just threw my brain in the dictionary lol :).

      I didn’t really see it like that at first, I tend to write a lot and with this one being closer to home I had more to express. So in order not to bore everyone, I thought it best to separate it into two pieces and yes play them side by side.

      I hope pt2 gets an as equally good response though it seems to me everyone is expecting a thunderous continuation hmmmm, we’ll soon see…

      I Thank You for stopping by and also for such a well written comment, hope you come back for the second saga. Bless 😉

  8. betweenhearts75 says:

    Definitely an incredible writing to raise awareness!! Excellent work!

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