Happy, Happy Birthday to Me ;0)*

“This morning I woke up the right way, happy happy Birthday.

I woke up to see your sweet face, happy happy Birthday”.


4th Feburary 2011

Imagine the whole night he serenaded me the right way. He chose a song and I chose a song, it was as though the feeling felt from the rhythmic beats entered our soulful dancing feet. Each word sung was on point; we laughed and held each other’s gaze tight, these happy birthday memories throughout this special night.

As we sat there, gazing into each other’s eyes, you smiled, I smiled and so did the stars in the sky. If only distance could marry time, it would have made a perfect ending to such a wonderful night. But nonetheless, a powerful aura filled our secret corners, touched our private partners.

So magical, and though not under candle light, your sparkle my sparkle enough to keep our hearts alight. Lead them through this dark tunnel, let them feel these bursts of emotions, missing for so long, longing to hold on, captured in your bosom forevermore, forevermore.

You started off by touching my inner soul, my superman who will be there whenever I am in-need. In-need of a dedicated lover, affection giver, provider and an equal partner who’s forever desire is to share.

So, never let me go, provide me with your therapy to help nourish my forever aching soul. As we rise in Love, you make each day heavenly, and for these reasons, I can’t take my eyes off you and will sacrifice, no doubt, for you I will.

On the rise you once said, happy heart you insist, more and more I grow wanting you, needing you to rescue me, for you to rescue me, for you I surely will.

As I awoke this morning, you the first person I saw. As I lay my head at night, in your eyes my reflection bled, painting a picture of happiness. A future scene so surreal, though unseen by naked flesh, eyes opened wide, one day my king, one day my Queen.

One day from this precious sweet moment, I pray I never arise…

Happy, Happy, Birthday to ME


Written by: Y. JT Blake ©2011


About whYBnews

"I keep it real whilst moving forward towards Higher Heights ♥☺. A Lover of all positive influences & all life’s struggles of which push me to fight for betterment within ones self and surroundings" Y.Blake ©
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6 Responses to Happy, Happy Birthday to Me ;0)*

  1. Ras Natti says:

    Blessed Earthday to you! Very captivating and picture painted! happy your happy. ONE LOVE!!!

  2. MsRebel says:

    Happy birthday girlie… I wish you all the best xXx

  3. Nice one. Happy Birthday to you indeed.


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