Individuality.. Don’t fit me in your box!


Yellow socks, red shirt, drag on my favourite burgundy pants.

Carry my oyster card in my back pocket.

But walk past all the buses and the crooked train tracks.

The clouds are out, weather channel expects rain.

So I walk past the silly brolly, and just happen to get wet all over again.


Sat real close to the television, blurry eyes water to and fro.

Caught a cold from wet hair, but refuse to blow my nose.

I like to swim, but hate to bathe; now my dermis is craving some oil.


Without a care in the world I wonder around.

A rugged pair of jeans, as comfort is my friend.

Not too sure why I dislike the iron, there mummy goes yelling at me again.

As I float through my days, I wear a little confused daze.

Upon my brow I still tense, whilst inside I remain coy.


Judge as you may; pretend to mistake me if you must.

I am just simply doing, all the things I love.

For when I grow up, I’ll be just as serious as you.

So for now, I just don’t want to add up.


Expectations run high, I float, you pass on by.

I’m still loved despite all my indifferences.

The better me, knows the horrible you, and in time I sure will.

From child to adult, flourish through all of my awkwardness.


It’s just a pity that you still age, with no time to stand still and gaze.

Remain buried in your rage, discomforted from what you crave.

Whatever you lack, its way to late, but for me time walks holding my hand.


I just beg you please, whatever you do, just don’t jealous me.

for I am UNIQUE just like you…


Allow our youth to find themselves! If ‘childhood’ is not something to be explored, when is it we as humans are allowed to do so?


Written by: Y. JT Blake ©2011


About whYBnews

"I keep it real whilst moving forward towards Higher Heights ♥☺. A Lover of all positive influences & all life’s struggles of which push me to fight for betterment within ones self and surroundings" Y.Blake ©
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4 Responses to Individuality.. Don’t fit me in your box!

  1. Ras Natti says:

    Nice Love it!!! Lol made me smile an remember younger days…..aaahhh memories!!!!

  2. MsRebel says:

    Off the hook as usual!

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