Everyday is Valentines Day…

My baby showers me every day

Rubs my back the right way

He stole a kiss this morning

After loving on me, deep inside all night long.


My baby holds me close everyday, all day

Pampers me the right way

Ran my bath and sat beside me

as we conversed excessively, attentively.


Massaged my temples before and after foreplay

And stroked my back where its dip lays

My baby, my lover and best friend

Knows exactly where, why and when.


A special word, touch or feeling expressed through actions, no false pretence

Always dotes on me, from morning to evening

No need for verbal speaking, as he knows his sexual is healing

As time goes by, he’s creative.


Not one to bore, seduced me from content to forevermore

Not one day passes when I do not crave you

Not one year passes when I do not lay beside you…


Make everyday Valentine’s Day. We should not need to be told when or how and with what we should make the person we love feel ‘Loved’, wanted, needed and desired. If he/she is special, say this every day verbally, non-verbally even… Be creative


With Love to all throughout 2011 & beyond ;0)x


Written by: Y. JT Blake ©2011


About whYBnews

"I keep it real whilst moving forward towards Higher Heights ♥☺. A Lover of all positive influences & all life’s struggles of which push me to fight for betterment within ones self and surroundings" Y.Blake ©
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