‘He Stands Beside Me, Forevermore’…

‘Left and right, left and right
one pulls me forward, the other backwards.
I can’t decide… I do for better or worse.’

We sway intertwined in love, not fake or frivolous lust
We lay embedded with dreams of forevermore. Though light be a grimace allowing only a slight glimpse of the future for hindsight’s view. We sway from you to me, from me to you…
Family feuds, friends up their own nose
everyone with something to say but no one holds a clue. Funny how people always know how to fix yours and theirs smell worse than fear.

A guided light I pray in front of, Wishing upon a star for a busty core of strength

“Never hold sour thoughts, for they will ginks you. Always dream happy thoughts and pleasant memories will follow you”

Just my silly old philosophy to live by, from me to you.
So now I make that final choice, no echo rippling through me like a beating drum. Here’s what I want, he’s who I sought, without even knowing, I’m who he’s prayed for.

As we lay all excited in honeymoon mode, my neck he holds, it slightly bows and in its fold he places his nose.

Inhale future; exhale past…

My scent like honeysuckle, or so it seems; Vanilla and cream with a slight presence of strawberry. Yet nothing compared to the sweet fragrance our attraction exudes. How we gel so well, who’d a thought we’d set sail through thousands of miles, over acres of blue sea, wrapped in a blanket holding us and we.

I felt your suppression of faith in Love, even though you installed confidence in me. We rebuilt faith, happy smiles even on bad days. Made for each other, me you plus two.

Entrust our hope in the world to stand aside, while you be my gullible pookie and I a fool for your luscious faith in this tide.

Simplicity, ease of togetherness: Our worlds so different, so separate. Yet still together we’ll both fight, all awhile gazing into each other’s brown buttons. Smitten and dandy with a special bounce; like two kids scurrying out of a candy store.

Tugging at each other, freshly unwrapped, licking one another, dying to find out. Who’ll be the first one to find the cherry bubble gum centre? Where worlds apart become one, where loves bursting flavourful juices combine, setting tongues wagging with warm tales of love.

Forever you, forever me, forever us, they’ll still talk…  You’ll see!

“Love has no boundaries, it holds no fear. To Love without prejudice or hate is something that comes without thought or preparation. When it is true, you will know. Don’t stifle your future happiness, let go! Allow Love inside and enjoy countless days knowing, he/she will never allow you to walk alone…”



Written by: Y. JT Blake ©2011


About whYBnews

"I keep it real whilst moving forward towards Higher Heights ♥☺. A Lover of all positive influences & all life’s struggles of which push me to fight for betterment within ones self and surroundings" Y.Blake ©
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