My tid bits…

‘Especially for You’

Every morning before I wake ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ appears, and just before I lay to rest ‘Amazing Grace’ is there. Through all the ‘Changing Scenes of Life’ to ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, these hymns are what we are taught to recite for those we love so much but sadly lost.

How Great Thou Art‘ and ‘I’ll Fly Away’, are always sung with great passion, for remembrance brings unity and allows lost souls to rest in peace gracefully.

Cherish each and every milestone of your great existence and do not take for granted what you have today. For what you could possibly loose tomorrow, represents a lifetime of your priceless achievements/accomplishments on this earth.

With Love x


Written by: Yvonne Blake. Copyright©2010 Registered & Protected



4 Responses to My tid bits…

  1. Patricia Wallace says:

    This is a lovely reflection of how the world would be a better place if we all took heed of your words. x

    • whYBnews says:

      That is true ;). All we can do is try to maintain positive thoughts & reflect such in our actions towards life and others. Be great role models and teach our future children how things can/should be. Thank You for stopping by 🙂

  2. Ras Natti says:

    when reading powerful,well placed words together put such a warm feeling in 1″s chest,which drift me back thinking of love ones lost and open my eyes to present being.


    • whYBnews says:

      That is so true and at the same time a compliment taken, held and will forever cherish. Thank You for taking time out to read me and post a comment, I appreciate you ;).

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